We want to put you on a shelf



Are you a novelist?

Gravelight Press is currently seeking submissions of full-length works for the 2021-2022 catalogue.

The Details:

Submission Period July 1 – November 30, 2020

Genre: Horror is all we do.

(We encourage you to think Stephen King, David Seltzer, William Peter Blatty,              Anne Rice rather than Leigh Whannell)


Must be complete currently. Should be in its second (or later) draft

Must be an MS WORD doc.

Length 40,000 (+) words


Over 40 years old

Significant social media following on Facebook or Instagram (300+ followers), or willing to work to get one pre-publication

Must have or be willing to write for an author blog

Must have or create Goodreads and Amazon pages

Be willing and able to work in MS WORD and to communicate through email

Submission Guidelines:

Send a synopsis of 300 words or less, a photo ID, and the first 15 pages of the work to submit@gravelightpress.com on or before November 30 @ midnight.

Authors only; no agents


No fees to authors

Payments to authors of royalties and author copies

Response time:

All submissions will be notified by December 30, 2020

What GP doesn’t like:

Torture or violence against anyone, especially women, minorities, animals. We know that there is violence in horror. We prefer that not all the victims be hot teen girls in nighties, if you get our drift. It’s time to progress a bit, Horror.

Religious overtones, meaning don’t have some deity save everyone at the end, or that we’re supposed to figure out that the lion is Jesus (but we like a good satanic story just like the next fellow. The Omen anyone? Rosemary’s Baby? Yum!)

What GP does like:

Off-beat and surprising characters

Horror that crosses genre-lines.

Horror that is part of an on-going series.

Off-beat and surprising authors willing to sell themselves and their art.  We would love for you to make this your career. Let’s work on that together.

Excellent grammar and punctuation (we are an editor and an English professor after all)

Send your submission to submit@gravelightpress.com . Let’s get you on a shelf!

PS… Does this look good to you?

It’s not too late to get in on the next Gravelight anthology.

We work hard for our authors, and we’re selective, and we’d like to select you.

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