Jeffrey Keeten and David Yurkovich: a match made in…well, you decide

“There are people who read books, and then there are people who define their lives by the books they have read and by the books they will read. Their relationship with books is not one of gleaning information and then discarding. It is a friendship that is more akin to, if it were possible, putting an arm around the book and whispering to it, giggling and chuckling with shared knowledge, shared experiences. When you see someone grasp a book to their breast and close their eyes or hold the book to their nose and inhale the scent of the book, they are gently mad, but also they are not just a reader of books, but a lover of books.” 
― Jeffrey Keeten

Well, you may not know this, but David Yurkovich, editor of Exhumed and co-owner of Gravelight Press can often be observed (when we’re not in a pandemic), out in public, sniffing and caressing an old book at a thrift store or the local library cast-off shop. If Dave could create his own personal cologne it would definitely be scented with old-book-smell, and would come wrapped in the pages of a book that has lost its binding, because, even free-floating, he still values the page.

Put these two book-loving guys together and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Open the pages of Exhumed, and you’re more likely to have hell on your mind, and all the associated nightmares that go with it.

It’s getting darker at night, and the light takes longer to save us in the morning. Are you ready for the season of the witch? Get a copy of Exhumed to see you through the dark (and stormy) fall nights.

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