At night…she writes

We’re raving about the writing of JC Raye, and you will too!

We recently had a female author who writes Sci Fi tell us that women weren’t well-respected in the Sci Fi-universe. You could say that exact same thing about horror. And yet, women have such interesting ways of approaching horror. Take the terrifying Miss Raye, for example. Her Exhumed short story features an elf, not just any old elf, but THE ELF, that jolly old Kringle fellow you’ve heard about. And, as you might expect, this tale of horror is filled with stocking stuffers and lovely food, warm robes, and surprises of the holiday ilk, and most of those surprises are, well … nasty.

Intrigued? I know we were.

Learn more about JC Raye, and pick up a copy of Exhumed, for Christmas, Kwanza, or any other holiday, today. Also be sure to visit Raye’s Amazon Author Page.

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