We Also Do Mystery

Hawkshaw Press, our imprint for all mystery, all the time, presents a new, 4-books series, the Jack Griffin detective series. If you liked looking for the Maltese falcon, or you know someone who does, pre-order the first book in the series today.

Pre-orders come with two perks, a postcard of the cover signed by author Bill Crandell, and a discount! Order by 12/15 to get the postcard to your gift recipient in time for a jolly holiday gift that’s as cosy as a cold cup of black coffee with cream and murder. Just enter code __________________ for your discount.

Just in Time for Christmas

J. C. Raye Knows Santa. Oh yes she does.

Do you know someone who’s always naughty when it would be better to be nice?

We’ve got the perfect gift.

And right now, J.C. Raye will give you $10 off any order of twenty dollars or more on our website, and she’ll also get the books to you, or your beloved relative or dear friend, in time for Christmas! Just use the code HOLIDAY and order by December 15th. Not into the whole Christmas thing? The code is good through 12/31. Get yourself something creepy to help scare away the last of 2020.

And, especially for you lovely little elves-in-training, solely because you stopped by, we’ve got J.C.’s video. It’s more fun than a stocking full of razor sharp ribbon candy. Jingle jingle.

Life Is Short. It’s Your Last Chance.

Halloween Party 2021 seeking authors now.

The window is closing to get on the bus … to hell. Submit now for the 2021 Gravelight horror anthology, HALLOWEEN PARTY 2021

Every author in this year’s Exhumed was in a prior Halloween Party. That’s because we work hard for our authors, and we’re selective, and we’d like to select you.

Why Not You?

14 days remain.

That means it’s not too late to get in on the next Gravelight anthology

We work hard for our authors, and we’re selective, and we’d like to select you.

Every author in the Exhumed Anthology was in a prior Devil’s Party Press anthology? We don’t forget our authors, and we put them first for all new opportunities.