Rough stuff…

An early sketch of the HP ’21 cover. I especially liked the two-faced man and the devil in plaid. The candy container would have been filled with bones and other body parts. Death appears on the far right but is largely unseen here due to bad cropping on my part.
An early sketch of the HP ’21 cover with a young Holmes in lieu of the space cadet. This version provides a better view of the trick-or-treat goodies.
The completed cover (as discussed in depth in the 25 October Gravelight post, Natural selection) that ultimately just didn’t fit the bill.

The original concept cover art for HALLOWEEN PARTY ’21 came to me fairly quickly. I’d been doing variations on the theme of kids approaching a spooky porch on All Hallow’s Eve for a few years, so I felt this subject would work well. This led to a few sketches prior to producing the final art.

The space cadet was my first choice for the central character, mainly because I gravitate to illustrating retro sci-fi and horror images. Sherlock Holmes was an alternate consideration but it didn’t quite resonate with me. Di and I discussed the art as I began working it up. She wasn’t keen on the images left of the candy-dispensing ghoul, so those were replaced with an open coffin (largely unseen in the final due to the aspect ratio not being quite up to snuff).

Ultimately it was not to be, as previously discussed. But it was, nonetheless, a fun illustration to produce and a good exercise in acknowledging that not all that glitters is gold.

Although Halloween 2021 is over, we still encourage you to support Indy publishing by purchasing a copy of HP ’21 for yourself. You can find it (or special order it) at quality bookstores. Alternatively, and for more immediate gratification, simply click the link below to purchase from Amazon.

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