Is she a good daughter?

“Legend says that beneath this mausoleum, deep in the ground, lie the bones of a witch…”

Author Kim DeCicco offers up an eerie tale certain to stay in your head long after you’ve read the last words. We’re thrilled to have this tale in HALLOWEEN PARTY ’21 and we think you’ll find that it’s rather special and particularly unique.

If you don’t already own a copy of HP ’21, we strongly recommend purchasing the collection for yourself, which you can find at quality bookstores. Alternatively, and for more immediate gratification, simply click the link below to purchase from Amazon.

Bernie Brown is horroring around

Bernie is one of the special thirteen, the first authors chosen to be published by new horror imprint Gravelight Press. Bernie wrote the terrifying story, “The Doggone Ghost,” a story that seems deceptively gentle, but is actually full of danger and mayhem. Much like Bernie herself? Well, I’m not sure… you tell me when you check out the Interview with Bernie. And pick up a copy of Exhumed!