Horror poetry anyone?

Wanna submit to the Horror Writers Association (HWA) for their horror book of poetry? If you are published in HALLOWEEN PARTY, you can. Gravelight Press pays every author in HALLOWEEN PARTY $25 (and gives each author a free copy of the anthology) and that $25 check is enough to qualify for membership in the HWA.

The HWA is currently soliciting for a volume of poetry. Why not submit?

Here’s a little horror ditty (I’m not saying it’s very pretty…).

Little Bo Weep (by D.Pearce)

Now I lay me down to sleep
and thinking ’bout dismembering sheep.
No hooves to leap
no baaaaahs to bleep
just nightmares in the meadow’s deep.
Like a tea with too much steep
the blood into the wool will seep.
I chopping chopping as she weeps
that simpering whimpering
dopey BoPeep.
Then I round the herd will creep
for bones and fuzz and tails to sweep
And when the sheep are in a heap
what will be the reap I reap?
At lastly long and blissful sleep.

Horror poetry. See? It’s easy. đŸ˜‰

And fun!

C’mon, write a horror poem and submit!

An homage to The Shining…

Robert Fleming’s poem, Elevator of Blood, is directly inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 1979 horror classic, THE SHINING, which, itself, is an adaptation of the equally classic novel by Stephen King first published in 1977.

Robert’s poem and his recording summarize what has been, over the years, documented as a particularly intense Kubrick shoot. Robert captures this intensity as it relates to the infamous and beautifully captured elevator doors of the Overlook Hotel which [spoiler alert] open to reveal a tsunami of blood. It’s easily one of the most visually memorable and disquieting scenes ever filmed.

If you enjoy Robert’s recording be sure to purchase a copy of HALLOWEEN PARTY ’21 to support Gravelight and indy authors like Robert.