The all-new, all-different Hawkshaw

As we move further into 2023, we realized it was time to redo the Hawkshaw Press site (home of our crime fiction novels and collections). The site has gotten a fresh makeover, and we’ll be updating Gravelight and Out of This World soon as well.

Meanwhile, please drop by Hawkshaw Press and meander a while, Flatfoot.

We also do mystery

Hawkshaw Press, our imprint for all mystery, all the time, presents a new, four-book saga:

The Jack Griffin Detective Series.

Each volume finds detective Griffin aligned with famous (and sometimes, infamous) political figures.

In book 1, Let’s Say Jack Kennedy Killed the Girl, Griffin must help prove JFK’s innocence when he’s set up for a murder he didn’t commit. If you liked searching for the Maltese falcon, or know someone who does, order the first book in the series today. Copies ordered through the DPP website include a custom bookplate signed by author William F. Crandell.

“Crandell crafts not only a tantalizingly complex crime—one with conspiratorial proportions—but also deftly limns an atmosphere of gloomy transgression and a dark world of crime and subterfuge…A thrilling crime drama, suspenseful and thoughtful.”

“…a compelling tale highly recommended for a wider audience than the usual P.I. enthusiast alone. Between Let’s Say Jack Kennedy Killed the Girl’s catchy title and intriguing personalities, it should reach into novel and historical fiction reader circles alike, with vivid, unique brand of action and political and psychological interplays that make for a heck of a story.”
Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer