We’ve sold out and have moved (returned, actually) to Los Angeles. Though it may seem as if we’d perished, in truth we were never really gone. However, in keeping with the spirit of the Halloween season, let’s just say we’re back from the dead so we can announce our upcoming publications…

The Holy Ghost and Other Spooky Stories is a collection by Bernie Brown, one of our favorite authors of short horror fiction. Bernie is the type of writer who can tell a horror story that both amuses and terrifies.

We’ll be releasing two collections by R. David Fulcher. The first collection is entitled The Pumpkin King and Other Tales of Terror. Fulcher has the chops (or fangs) to write solid horror and demonstrates it in this collection of short fiction. There are numerous tales in this collection worthy of a Bram Stoker Award, and we’re excited to bring this title to market.

Dreaming, The Copper City. The Cosmic Horror Fiction of R. David Fulcher provides the reader exactly what its title implies. Call it cosmic fiction or weird fiction or strange fiction if you will. Experience offbeat worlds and stories that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading them.

Look for The Pumpkin King and Other Tales of Terror to arrive in early 2023, followed by Dreaming, The Copper City in fall 2023.

Halloween Party ’23. Our biannual collection of short fiction returns. Noted author and sadist, Jeffrey Keeton, will serve as managing editor. We’re excited to see which stories Mr. Keeten will opt to include in this, our fourth offering in the series.

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