Meet Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padget

Sometimes in life you are lucky. We, at Gravelight, were lucky to have been found by Elaine. Elaine writes a wonderful blog, The Writer’s Journey, and has been kind enough to profile our first Gravelight publication, Exhumed. Elaine is what my grandmother would have called “a smart cookie.” She knows what she is doing when it comes to writing and social media, and we cannot thank her enough for taking the time and effort to profile our book, and our authors!

Jeffrey Keeten Comes To Gravelight

Excerpt from Gravelight’s EXHUMED Press Release…


Renowned Kansas Book Critic Jeffrey D. Keeten Provides Introduction to Delaware Horror Publisher’s New Release

Gravelight Press is thrilled to announce that Jeffrey D. Keeten (pictured at left, with his beloved Astra) will be providing the introduction to our first release, Exhumed: 13 Tales Too Terrifying to Stay Dead. A prolific critic of film and literature, Keeten is among the top five reviewers on Goodreads, the largest site for book reviews in the world. A graduate of the University of Arizona and current resident of Dodge City, Kansas, he has published more than 3,700 reviews for Goodreads and other sites.

Gravelight Press is the horror imprint of our award-winning publishing house, Devil’s Party Press, LLC (DPP) located in historic Milton, Delaware. As with DPP, at Gravelight we focus on our mission to provide older authors with publishing opportunities, and we are thrilled to have Jeffrey Keeten who, in addition to being a skilled critic, is also a terrific writer, along for Gravelight’s current book release.

“It’s exciting to be a part of this collection,” said Keeten. “There are some truly frightening works between its covers.”



Exhumed: 13 Tales too Terrifying to Stay Dead  (ISBN: 978-1-7340918-1-6) retails for $9.99 and features original short fiction by thirteen authors from the US and Canada. It is scheduled to be released on Friday, August 14. For more information and to order, go HERE. For more information about Jeffrey D. Keeten, visit

Gravelight Press 2021 Horror Anthology


Gravelight Press is now accepting submissions for our first all-new horror anthology.

Send us your best terror tales, frightful fictions, and nightmare-inducing narratives.

Submission period ends November 30, 2020. For a complete summary of the types of works we’re seeking, refer to our SUBMISSIONS page.