Gravelight Press authors descend upon Indy Lit Festival like giant descending things

Get your Halloween mood percolating THIS Saturday. October 3, where four fabulous Gravelight Press authors (R. David Fulcher, Bernie Brown, Josephine Queen, and James Goodridge) will be among the featured readers at 2020 Frostburg Indie Lit Festival.

R. David Fulcher’s A Dark Harvest, a book of terrifying short stories, will be published by Gravelight in 2021. Bernie Brown, Josephine Queen, and James Goodridge are each featured in the newly released Exhumed!

Don’t miss this free, fun, and virtual event Saturday, October 3!

At night…she writes

We’re raving about the writing of JC Raye, and you will too!

We recently had a female author who writes Sci Fi tell us that women weren’t well-respected in the Sci Fi-universe. You could say that exact same thing about horror. And yet, women have such interesting ways of approaching horror. Take the terrifying Miss Raye, for example. Her Exhumed short story features an elf, not just any old elf, but THE ELF, that jolly old Kringle fellow you’ve heard about. And, as you might expect, this tale of horror is filled with stocking stuffers and lovely food, warm robes, and surprises of the holiday ilk, and most of those surprises are, well … nasty.

Intrigued? I know we were.

Learn more about JC Raye, and pick up a copy of Exhumed, for Christmas, Kwanza, or any other holiday, today. Also be sure to visit Raye’s Amazon Author Page.

We want to put you on a shelf



Are you a novelist?

Gravelight Press is currently seeking submissions of full-length works for the 2021-2022 catalogue.

The Details:

Submission Period July 1 – November 30, 2020

Genre: Horror is all we do.

(We encourage you to think Stephen King, David Seltzer, William Peter Blatty,              Anne Rice rather than Leigh Whannell)


Must be complete currently. Should be in its second (or later) draft

Must be an MS WORD doc.

Length 40,000 (+) words


Over 40 years old

Significant social media following on Facebook or Instagram (300+ followers), or willing to work to get one pre-publication

Must have or be willing to write for an author blog

Must have or create Goodreads and Amazon pages

Be willing and able to work in MS WORD and to communicate through email

Submission Guidelines:

Send a synopsis of 300 words or less, a photo ID, and the first 15 pages of the work to on or before November 30 @ midnight.

Authors only; no agents


No fees to authors

Payments to authors of royalties and author copies

Response time:

All submissions will be notified by December 30, 2020

What GP doesn’t like:

Torture or violence against anyone, especially women, minorities, animals. We know that there is violence in horror. We prefer that not all the victims be hot teen girls in nighties, if you get our drift. It’s time to progress a bit, Horror.

Religious overtones, meaning don’t have some deity save everyone at the end, or that we’re supposed to figure out that the lion is Jesus (but we like a good satanic story just like the next fellow. The Omen anyone? Rosemary’s Baby? Yum!)

What GP does like:

Off-beat and surprising characters

Horror that crosses genre-lines.

Horror that is part of an on-going series.

Off-beat and surprising authors willing to sell themselves and their art.  We would love for you to make this your career. Let’s work on that together.

Excellent grammar and punctuation (we are an editor and an English professor after all)

Send your submission to . Let’s get you on a shelf!

PS… Does this look good to you?

It’s not too late to get in on the next Gravelight anthology.

We work hard for our authors, and we’re selective, and we’d like to select you.

Jeffrey Keeten and David Yurkovich: a match made in…well, you decide

“There are people who read books, and then there are people who define their lives by the books they have read and by the books they will read. Their relationship with books is not one of gleaning information and then discarding. It is a friendship that is more akin to, if it were possible, putting an arm around the book and whispering to it, giggling and chuckling with shared knowledge, shared experiences. When you see someone grasp a book to their breast and close their eyes or hold the book to their nose and inhale the scent of the book, they are gently mad, but also they are not just a reader of books, but a lover of books.” 
― Jeffrey Keeten

Well, you may not know this, but David Yurkovich, editor of Exhumed and co-owner of Gravelight Press can often be observed (when we’re not in a pandemic), out in public, sniffing and caressing an old book at a thrift store or the local library cast-off shop. If Dave could create his own personal cologne it would definitely be scented with old-book-smell, and would come wrapped in the pages of a book that has lost its binding, because, even free-floating, he still values the page.

Put these two book-loving guys together and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Open the pages of Exhumed, and you’re more likely to have hell on your mind, and all the associated nightmares that go with it.

It’s getting darker at night, and the light takes longer to save us in the morning. Are you ready for the season of the witch? Get a copy of Exhumed to see you through the dark (and stormy) fall nights.

James Goodridge: where horror and true crime intersect

James is one of the special thirteen, the first authors chosen to be published by new horror imprint Gravelight Press. James wrote the delicious detective story, “The Stumpville Affair,” a story that comes right out of the old horror films of Hollywood, with some terrifying rending thrown in. I can’t help but wonder how James came up with such ideas when it’s nothing he would ever do himself. At least I don’t think so… you tell me when you check out the Interview. And pick up a copy of Exhumed!

Bernie Brown is horroring around

Bernie is one of the special thirteen, the first authors chosen to be published by new horror imprint Gravelight Press. Bernie wrote the terrifying story, “The Doggone Ghost,” a story that seems deceptively gentle, but is actually full of danger and mayhem. Much like Bernie herself? Well, I’m not sure… you tell me when you check out the Interview with Bernie. And pick up a copy of Exhumed!

Meet Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padget

Sometimes in life you are lucky. We, at Gravelight, were lucky to have been found by Elaine. Elaine writes a wonderful blog, The Writer’s Journey, and has been kind enough to profile our first Gravelight publication, Exhumed. Elaine is what my grandmother would have called “a smart cookie.” She knows what she is doing when it comes to writing and social media, and we cannot thank her enough for taking the time and effort to profile our book, and our authors!

Jeffrey Keeten comes to Gravelight

Excerpt from Gravelight’s EXHUMED Press Release…


Renowned Kansas Book Critic Jeffrey D. Keeten Provides Introduction to Delaware Horror Publisher’s New Release

Gravelight Press is thrilled to announce that Jeffrey D. Keeten (pictured at left, with his beloved Astra) will be providing the introduction to our first release, Exhumed: 13 Tales Too Terrifying to Stay Dead. A prolific critic of film and literature, Keeten is among the top five reviewers on Goodreads, the largest site for book reviews in the world. A graduate of the University of Arizona and current resident of Dodge City, Kansas, he has published more than 3,700 reviews for Goodreads and other sites.

Gravelight Press is the horror imprint of our award-winning publishing house, Devil’s Party Press, LLC (DPP) located in historic Milton, Delaware. As with DPP, at Gravelight we focus on our mission to provide older authors with publishing opportunities, and we are thrilled to have Jeffrey Keeten who, in addition to being a skilled critic, is also a terrific writer, along for Gravelight’s current book release.

“It’s exciting to be a part of this collection,” said Keeten. “There are some truly frightening works between its covers.”



Exhumed: 13 Tales too Terrifying to Stay Dead  (ISBN: 978-1-7340918-1-6) retails for $9.99 and features original short fiction by thirteen authors from the US and Canada. It is scheduled to be released on Friday, August 14. For more information and to order, go HERE. For more information about Jeffrey D. Keeten, visit

Gravelight Press 2021 Horror Anthology


Gravelight Press is now accepting submissions for our first all-new horror anthology.

Send us your best terror tales, frightful fictions, and nightmare-inducing narratives.

Submission period ends November 30, 2020. For a complete summary of the types of works we’re seeking, refer to our SUBMISSIONS page.