The creepy crawlies aren’t what they seem…

Someone, or something, has been spying on Liz.

Nancy North Walker presents “Insecticide,” a short story featured in HALLOWEEN PARTY ’21 that effortlessly combines terror and science fiction.

To experience the full horror, we strongly recommend purchasing a copy of the collection for yourself, which you can find at quality bookstores. Alternatively, and for more immediate gratification, simply click the link below to purchase from Amazon.

What is Aristotle’s lantern?

They were moving on without him, their head lamps bobbing off in the darkness…

Thus begins R. David Fulcher’s tale of terror, “Aristotle’s Lantern,” one of the many stories that comprise our latest horror collection, HALLOWEEN PARTY ’21.

To hear and see David read his tale, simply click the link above. Though to experience the full horror, we vehemently recommend purchasing a copy of the collection for yourself, which you can find at quality bookstores. Alternatively, and for more immediate gratification, simply click the link below to purchase from Amazon.

An homage to The Shining…

Robert Fleming’s poem, Elevator of Blood, is directly inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 1979 horror classic, THE SHINING, which, itself, is an adaptation of the equally classic novel by Stephen King first published in 1977.

Robert’s poem and his recording summarize what has been, over the years, documented as a particularly intense Kubrick shoot. Robert captures this intensity as it relates to the infamous and beautifully captured elevator doors of the Overlook Hotel which [spoiler alert] open to reveal a tsunami of blood. It’s easily one of the most visually memorable and disquieting scenes ever filmed.

If you enjoy Robert’s recording be sure to purchase a copy of HALLOWEEN PARTY ’21 to support Gravelight and indy authors like Robert.

Halloween Party ’21 –

Ready for a good scare to welcome in the season of the witch?

Halloween Party ’21, from Gravelight Press, has arrived.

If you can’t find it at your local bookstore, you can either ask them to special order, or you can purchase a paper or digital copy on Amazon.

Paper copies can also be ordered from the Devil’s Party Press online store.

And yeah, it’s that scary.


I published this book and wrote one of the stories in it & the introduction.
However, this book is notable, aside from my own motives for selling it, because it contains the last story that is ever going to be published by David W. Dutton, of One of the Madding Crowd fame.
David was my friend, and a wonderful writer, and has recently left us. 
It also contains a short story by noted Goodreads reviewer, Jeffrey D. Keeten. Did you know Keeten could do fiction too? You did not!
Any Anne Rice fans? Then you may be interested to know that in this book is a story by Faye Perozich, noted for this work
If you read comics, then you’ll be interested in the story by graphic novelist David Yurkovich (of Altercations and Less Than Heroes).
And if you follow horror magazine Samsara, then you will already be a fan of R. David Fulcher.
So, my own involvement aside, this book has a lot of plums hidden in it. I bet you’ll love it, and with it’s square shape and glossy cover (which you get to see in 2 more weeks!), it makes a great gift for that brother-in-law who you never know what present he would like. Give him a cool horror book!


Well this ain’t it.

Why not?

Because we’re having a cover reveal!

And if you’re local to slower lower Delaware, you might want to get in on it for a free copy:

Beginning Tuesday, August 17, Browseabout Books of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, will unveil a new portion of the Halloween Party ’21 cover on its Facebook page each week through early September. Facebook visitors who like, comment, or share the posts will be automatically entered to win one of several free copies of the collection with no purchase necessary. Selected entrants will be contacted to pick up their free copy at Browseabout after the contest ends. “Every year we are so excited to offer our customers new books from Devil’s Party Press and its sister company, Gravelight,” said Jessie Jones, author liaison at Browseabout. “We enjoy supporting this indie publishing company because we love the many unique titles they produce, and so do our readers. I think the cover reveal is going to be a lot of fun.”

Here at Gravelight Press we’re thrilled that Browseabout Books is partnering with us on the cover reveal and that they continue to champion our titles. We worked tirelessly to make Halloween Party ’21 extra special from cover to cover. In addition to the many creepy tales readers will find in this collection, award-winning book designer David Yurkovich tricked it out with an assortment of visual delights. 

The collection features original works by numerous award-winning authors including James Goodridge, R. David Fulcher, Phil Giunta, and Bernie Brown

Halloween Party ’21 will be available in e-pub format on September 9. It will be released in paperback format on September 13 with availability from Browseabout Books and other select retailers.

BUT WAIT! Pre-orders available now!



Discount on pre-orders too!

Get your scare on!


Turns out, if you were accepted into HP2021, you can!

One of the global changes we made to our company last year was to make a commitment to pay all authors we put on paper. With that check, you qualify for the HWA. A few of our most recently included authors have already been admitted, on the strength of that single payment.

We hope, as our fledgling publishing endeavor grows, we will be able to pay more writers, and pay those writers more. We are committed in using this company to help you achieve your writing goals.

So excited to know some wonderful and life-long horror writers with many many publications are finally being granted membership in a group they so deserve to belong to!