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We Also Do Mystery

Hawkshaw Press, our imprint for all mystery, all the time, presents a new, 4-book series, the Jack Griffin detective series. If you liked looking for the Maltese falcon, or you know someone who does, pre-order the first book in the series today to get the book to your gift recipient in time for a jolly … Continue reading We Also Do Mystery

Rough stuff…

A look at the breakdowns of the original cover design to HALLOWEEN PARTY ’21 by Gravelight Press.

Hanging with the Moribunch

Mr. Moribund’s Theatre of Terror is a stage show in the style of (if you’re from the Philly area and the 1970s) Dr. Shock! Mr. Moribund was kind enough to read and review Halloween Party ’21. Gravelight Press (and our tiniest fan) showed up at their 10th live event on October 23 to be both … Continue reading Hanging with the Moribunch

A game of hopscotch

Bernie Brown’s short ghost story, “Hopscotch,” from the Gravelight anthology, Halloween Party ’21.

Natural selection…

A brief discussion about the aborted cover to Halloween Party 21 (or not all that glitters is gold).

Is she a good daughter?

Kim DeCicco’s startling short story, “A Good Daughter,” from the anthology Halloween Party ’21 by Gravelight.

The camera eye

Phil Giunta’s brilliant short story, “Before She’s Gone Forever,” from the anthology Halloween Party ’21 by Gravelight.


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